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Top Tips for April Fools…

If you’ve been tuning into our Facebook pages for Leeds and Manchester Roomzzz this week you will have noticed that we’re running a competition for you to win a night on us in Leeds City West this Friday the 1st April…. and what do you have to do to win this? Well simply share on Facebook your favourite April Fools prank… that’s it… all we ask… so to give you inspiration we have been trawling the internet:-

  • Find a box about the size of a cake. Then cover it with frosting, making it look like a cake. Then put it out in the office kitchen, or wherever people leave free food. Sit back as one of your co-workers tries to cut a slice.

  • This is the most classic and simple prank ever. Balance a small disposable cup of water on the top of a partially open door. Then wait for the splash!
  • Switch the “Pull” and “Push” signs on a set of doors. Watch as people get confused trying to open the doors.

  • Stick a post-it note under your friend’s mouse so that the paper leaf covers the mouse ball – the mouse will no longer work! Align so that the sticky part of the note doesn’t touch the ball. Costs next to nothing to do, and doesn’t cause any damage.

  • Glue eggs to the carton and beg for eggs in the morning. When the victim gets them the eggs break!

  • When your victim’s asleep sneak into their room and draw eyebrows and a moustache on their face, make sure to be their when they look in the mirror.

  • Use a pin to make a few small holes in a plastic disposable cup. Offer a drink to the victim and watch while the liquid dribbles out onto their shirt.
  • Wait until your victim is in the kitchen. Come in and start filling a bucket with water (tell them you’re washing the car or something). Only instead of actually filling the bucket, just pretend. Lift the bucket with both hands, acting like it’s heavy and filled with water. Take a couple of steps in the victim’s direction and suddenly “trip” and aim the bucket right toward them. They’ll duck thinking they’re getting splashed!

Remember these are merely suggestions (not instructions) – we simply want to get your creative juices flowing for our competition. Whatever you do on Friday this year to get a giggle out of your nearest and dearest make sure you share your past or favourites with us on Facebook and win a night’s stay in Leeds!

Things to do in Leeds… before Christmas

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As a town it’s perfect for a short break. Just like our serviced apartments and luxury hotels in Leeds city centre are.

The heart is easy to navigate, and crammed with fantastic shops, bars and clubs. In contrast the outskirts sit just a short journey away, and often hark back to days gone by- boasting Yorkshire stone and rural idylls.

Such a bustling place naturally comes alive at Christmas, and the surrounding Pennine hills are currently receiving a generous dusting of snow, causing chaos as drivers battle drifts and daytime temperatures below freezing. But still, warmth and goodwill defines the town at this time of year.

Like most major municipalities, Leeds is no stranger to a Christmas market or two, and we highly recommend the Christkindelmarkt in Millennium Square. Grab some stereotypically crafty gifts from the predominantly German sellers, take a nostalgic ride on an antiquated merry-go-round and then move inside for weissbier and meat filled brotchen in the Frankfurter Scheune. Afterwards, head back to your Roomzzz aparthotel, conveniently located nearby.

If historic festivities are more your sort of thing then take a trip to Harewood House- a great alternative to the heaving streets. There are rare birds on show, and 100 acres of award winning gardens to explore. But right now you can also find English gift stalls, brass bands, and festive food. Plus, special ‘behind the scenes’ events offer an insight into the priceless collections housed at this stately home.

Just down the road in Wetherby, and a seasonal favourite has made a welcome return. The Christmas cheer continues as Stockeld Park opens its family friendly Christmas Adventure. Ascend the big wheel and gaze across majestic vistas of North Leeds’ leafy suburbs, try your hand at cross-country Nordic skiing, skate on the ice rink, explore the enchanted forest and find your way out of the snowflake maze.

Heading back into town, and Leeds Craft Centre is offering visitors the chance to get Up Front and In the Spotlight with artists. Things kicked off last month, and run through to January. Jewellery, glass, ceramics, wire and woodwork will all be on show, lovingly created by some of the best designers in the UK. What finer place to pick up a real one off for that extra special someone?

By now the cold air will be kicking in, while stomachs are beginning to churn. Some fine food is in order then, and the best way to end your day. Whitelocks sits just off the hustle and bustle of Briggate, down a narrow snicket. Licensed in 1715, and originally named The Turks Head, the old stained glass and celebrated interior make for perhaps the most traditional place in which to fill your pre-Christmas plate. And the food is highly recommended too.