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The Roomzzz 12 Days of Christmas! Day 9…

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Nine ladies dancing
Eight maids a milking
Seven swans a swimming
Six geese a laying
Five gold rings
Four calling birds
Three French hens
Two turtle doves
AND a partridge in a pear tree!
It’s getting closer and we’re getting more excited… We’ll be announcing the winner of our Treasure Hunt on Friday…
Clue 9: If you want to make a booking at Roomzzz you can visit our website or you can call Central ———— on 0844 499 4888. The first letter of the missing word is the answer to our riddle today!
Follow the clues and you could win a fabulous weekend away in one of our Leeds Hotels or our apartments in Manchester!

We love Monday!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine…? Manchester and Leeds have seen their fair share of the rays! Why do we love Monday? Because it’s the day we have a root through the internet to see what our guests have been saying about us…

KATSheffield left this lovely review of Manchester for us yesterday!

“Me and my mum stayed at roomzzz hotel in manchester when coming to the City of Manchester stadium to watch the Take That concert (by the way was absolutely amazing). The alround experince was excellent which made the whole trip perfect as it was a christmas present for my mum I wanted it to be. The customer service was brilliant we turned up before the 3pm check in time as had finished shopping in Manchester, the kind lady on recpetion did everyhting to make sure the room was ready,and we where able to have the room in around 10 minutes in this time able to have as much tea coffee and water that we liked. We had a smart studio the lowest grade of room which was really nice for the two of us evrything the bed the tv the imac bathroom was perfect. Cant some it up in the space we have here would reccomed iit to anyone I know who needs somewhere to stay in the centre of Manchester , even thiiugh the city of manchester stadium is outside the city centre it is around a 25 minute walk, which plenty of people walking as majority staing in the city centre due to lack of hotels near the stadium so wasnt lonley as advice to anyone going to a concert at the stadium and looking at possibly staying in roomzz”

Royal Residence!

Ah now the sun has finally come back…. what a great day here in the north! And we’ve got the whole weekend to look forward to! Why not make the most of the weather and have a stay with us… if you stay in Leeds City West we can even help you out with a round of golf…!

Don’t forget that to claim a discount at Roomzzz you need to make sure that you’re a member of our Royalty Club… for an instant 10% discount and it’s absolutely free!

So how does it work? You simply sign up – via a card in yo
ur room during your stay at Roomzzz or visit our website and fill out the form there… your card will then be posted out to you in a few days. Then on each visit at Roomzzz you’ll get a Silver card which means10% discount taken from your bill when you produce the card, until you hit 25 stays… then you’ll go to gold and a 15% discount each time you stay, until… you’ve visited us 75 times – you then get a platinum card which give you a whopping 20% discount each time you book a room at Roomzzz!

So make to sure that you get the sunshine you deserve you need to join the Royalty Club at Roomzzz...!

The best travel blogs in the world… ever

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Bloggers. Scourge of traditional journalism or the next generation of trend-setters, movers and shakers?

The jury has been out for some time, though increasingly people are respecting these independent editors, referencing their work, and awarding their achievements. We appreciate their craft, and as such have put together this list of the best travel blogs in cyberspace.

Travel Rants
Travel rants discusses everything from banning alcohol on flights, to the worst (and best) budget hotels in London. It’s all aimed at spreading knowledge, saving explorers time, money and hassle in the process.

The Perrin Post
Despite the confusing number of posts regarding Richard Branson, The Perrin Post is written by Wendy Perrin, who works on luxury publisher Conde Naste’s Traveler magazine. As far as we can see, she has nothing to do with Virgin.

Escape Blog
Travel on a far flung scale. From Jordan and the Dead Sea to Moscow and the Gobi Desert, it’s all here. Written with wit and a desire to pass on local secrets, it really does make for an invaluable read.

Technology shapes our lives, and the travel world is no different. From theme park ticketing apps to the latest Facebook functionality, learn how it affects where you’re flying to, and who’s taking you there.

You don’t apply a label like ‘The UK Travel Blog’ without good reason. Wandalust provides British travellers with tips on avoiding excess charges, staying safe, and selecting the perfect destination.

Seat 61
Who is the man in seat 61? It’s a question that’s banded about quite a bit on this blog site. We’re not too bothered, but his advice on UK and international travel by rail and boat is vital for fearful fliers.