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Look what’s arrived….

Very exciting my Roomzzz Royalty Club card has arrived… now I can book stays in Roomzzz and get a discount! 10% discount immediately…. at any time and for our extra special promotion during July and August I’ll get a double discount…. yes 20% off each stay!

And then the more I stay the better the discount gets… once I’ve racked up 25 stays I get a gold card which gives 15% standard, doubled to 30% in our summer madness… and 75 Roomzzz nights makes me a platinum member and I get a whopping 20% (40% in July and August) discount each time I stay!

It’s not rocket science….

By now you must have signed up to our Royalty Club….? Well why not? You get an instant 10% discount for free… nothing… it’s not rocket science… but it makes sense!

And to augment this glorious benefit we have added the temptation of a double discount… throughout the months of July and August our Royalty Club members will receive an instant 20% discount off their bill!

Ffffffffffriday…. Ffffffffffavourites!

Ah…. and relax… it’s nearly the weekend and that’s not the only reason why we like Fridays – no it’s the day we ask you to tell us all your favourite things about staying at Roomzzz! This week in honour of the Bank Holiday next week we are asking you to tell us what you would do if you got to stay with us on Friday 27th… We’ve been getting some fabulous comments on our Facebook page this week…

William Kiggins told us….”Defiantly be coming back! Had a great stay with my partner, and the staff were really helpful. Even when we stumbled in at an un-godly hour they still had a smile on their faces! 10/10!”

Carol Richardson would like to “enjoy a lovely romantic time spent with my hubby …no kids allowed. x thanx very much” – we can’t argue with that one! BUT Rob Cox got in on the act with “I’d love a well deserved night away with my partner away from all the hustle and bustle of home. A nice meal and a wonderful nights sleep would be amwazing :)”

We’ve been looking elsewhere on the internet too and found ourselves in Trip Advisor:

From pmymjyr in St Helens:- “We stayed 2 nights in a liberty suite. While visiting manchester to watch Ghost. Our room was amazing. So nicely styled and they had everything you might want. Full kitchen, TV, DVD and Imac!! I can’t imagine the location being any better. In fact the only thing wrong with its location is the fact that if you add the luxury of the room to the fact china town is across the road you may only be leaving the room to fetch a cheeky take away and coming back to get cozy. Style, luxury, technology, location and lots cheaper than any of its competitors. A must stay!”

The view from Manchester in 2011

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January is here, and with it a wealth of opportunities. Our marriage of serviced apartment and luxury hotel offers one of the finest hotels in Manchester, the perfect destination for a short break. And there are a multitude of new reasons to visit on the horizon.

2011 is set to be a year of upheaval, as change begins to take place once again. Back in 1997 major public realm redevelopments began following the devastating IRA bomb, and since then areas like Exchange Square and Piccadilly Gardens have been introduced and improved upon respectively. Now a further batch of major facelifts is about to begin.

Over the next couple of months Manchester City Council will finally unveil the winner of its international competition to re-design St Peter’s Square. The works will run alongside those currently taking place in the Town Hall and Central Library. Once complete the area will be amongst the most illustrious in the city centre, in keeping with the swathes of history the site is steeped in.

As their old stage has closed, the Library Theatre Company (LTC) will now be taking up residence in Salford’s award winning Lowry Arts Centre- a short tram ride from town and well worth the visit. Meanwhile, close to Oxford Road, First Street will see a huge project get underway as a stunning theatre, performance space and cinema complex looks to offer the Cornerhouse Gallery and LTC new homes from 2014.

At the other end of town the skyline is coming back to life with cranes too. Just ask those arriving by train, who may have already seen signs that the Co-Operative’s new landmark, 16-storey HQ is gradually beginning to take shape. Nearby Victoria Station will finally get the investment it needs, returning this wonderfully British transport hub to its former glory with the aid of some £750 million. And the long awaited Metrolink tramway extensions will also begin to open this year, meaning adventurous visitors can access lively suburbs like Chorlton-cum-Hardy with greater ease.

As you can see it’s going to be quite a year, as Manchester’s energetic pace refuses to slow. Everything points to an ongoing belief in using the city for business and leisure. So why not find out why. Roomzzz Aparthotel is on the doorstep of countless theatres, conference centres and more, providing an ideal home from home to use as a base while you’re in town. And because we’re not passing the VAT increase on to you, it’s hard to find an excuse not to get yourself here.

(C) Image Stanley Walker