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Royalty for all…

By now you know that we at Roomzzz just can’t help giving you the best offers around and we now think we’ve crowned them all with the launch of our new Royalty Club… Yes – all you have to do is sign up for a card and enjoy on the spot discounts EVERY time you book with Roomzzz!

But what’s the bottom line? It’s free to join and all new members will receive a Silver Card – this gives 10% discount there and then, from the moment you apply. Once you’ve stayed with us for 25 nights we will upgrade you to a Gold Card – this gives 15% discount and on reaching 75 nights in Roomzzz we’ll go for it again and give you a whopping 20% discount – now there’s no catch to this – all these membership discounts will be given on the best rate available so it really is a genuine offer!

Just visit the Royalty Club page on our website and fill out the simple form and you’re in, we’ll confirm your registration and your card will be on its way… So how do you book to claim the hefty discount? Simply book online or give us a call on 0844 499 4888, have your card to hand and quote the number and that’s it – the offer will be taken from your bill!

Take advantage of us!

Here at Roomzzz Aparthotel we are more than aware that our guests are happy to visit us at the drop of a hat but we don’t take that for granted no no… we know that our prime locations in Leeds and across the Pennines in Manchester are more than enticing BUT we want to keep giving!

As you will probably have heard by now April has a number of long weekends for you to enjoy and where better than the luxury and comfort of Roomzzz? All you have to do is book a room at Roomzzz Aparthotel in either Leeds or Manchester between 1st April and 8th May 2011 and we will give you a night in a luxury aparthotel from £39 per night.

PS Don’t forget that we have an extra special offer running at Leeds City West – you can enjoy a weekend for the great price of £40 per night per apartment – we had such a phenomenal response that we’ve extended it until the end of March but you only have two weekends left to take us up on this so don’t be disappointed and give us a call now on 0844 499 4888.

Happy April Holidays Everyone!

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April… what are we thinking… showers, the fresh aroma of Spring in the air, green shoots, blossom on the branches, Summer just around the corner… a small matter of a Royal Wedding… we figure the best way to get a smile on your face this grey Monday morning is to give you a treat in the making – holidays of course!!

During April and into May (1st April – 8th May) we are focussing on getting that smile to be a perma-grin for a whole 38 days. So here’s the great news…Our prices are starting from £39 per apartment.

How’s that for cheery news?

Let us tell you exactly what it means… to clear up any doubts.

  1. Stay at Roomzzz Aparthotel in either Leeds or Manchester between 1st April and 8th May 2011.

  2. We will give you a night in a luxury aparthotel from £39 per night

Simple. As they say on the telly.

We recommend getting booked in as quick as a flash… you know how those April showers come and go… quick as a flash… and then gone again… we predict an immediate sell out… Happy Holidays!

Easy to book… just jump on here…

PS. Want to see a bigger umbrella? Click on it for full size!

PPS. Want to find out more? Check out our Facebook page!