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Aaaaahaaaaa! It’s Friday….

Posted on: 2 Comments
It’s the final day in this week’s Treasure Hunt… and the prize is a night in our city centre hotel in Manchester!
So how do you get to take part in our Treasure Hunt? Look through our blog across the week and it will lead you to the Treasure… post your answer on our Facebook pages for Leeds or Manchester along with the phrase…”I am a Roomzzz Treasure Hunter and my answer is….” all the right answers will be placed in a pot and the lucky winner will be drawn at random!
So… so far we’ve asked  “How many stars did SusanOuk award to Manchester Roomzzz on Trip Advisor?”

+ (plus)

How many nights must a Royalty Club Member stay to be upgraded to gold membership?

/ (divided by)

The number of days you must book in advance to get 8% discount?

+ (plus)

The number of apartments we have in Manchester?

x (times)

The number you get when you add together the numbers of our telephone line (without the extension number!)? (eg 0+8+4+4 etc…)

And finally…
/ (divided by)
The number of times the word Roomzzz appears in this blog?
Good luck Roomzzz Treasure Hunters! We’ll see you on Facebook…
*not in conjunction with any other offer, subject to availability, must be booked within 7 days

The Roomzzz 12 Days of Christmas! Day 4

Posted on: No Comments

Welcome to day 4!
The answer today lies within our website… So you need to follow these clues to navigate around the Roomzzz site to find it.

The 12 days of Christmas are all about giving presents – we reckon we can go a step better than 4 calling birds… with our fabulous double discount in January. You’ll find the answer within The Royalty Club page – so click here to be taken to the page….

Have a careful read through and find which status you receive in our Royalty Club if you stay for 75 nights plus. (They get a whopping 40% off bookings in January btw…)

The answer is the first letter of that status.

Remember to add that answer to days 1,2 and 3 and you’ll find it completes the first word!

Our prize of course is worth the treasure hunting!! It’s a 2 night stay in our super luxury serviced apartments… some would call us the best accommodation in Leeds and the best alternative hotel stay in the whole of Manchester… We’re delighted of course if you think so too!

Happy Monday and happy hunting!

The Roomzzz 12 Days of Christmas! Day 1

Posted on: No Comments

We’re gearing up for Christmas in all of our luxury serviced apartments locations…in Leeds City, Leeds City West, Leeds Headingley, Manchester City... And we’re so excited!!

What we thought we’d do as a little 12 days of Christmas game would be to extend our treasure hunt and make it so each day over the next 12 days we’ll do a clue a day to win a grand festive prize of a 2 night break in one of our Roomzzz Aparthotel locations (luxury accommodation in Leeds and Manchester!!)

What you need to do is work the answer out for each day and on the 12th day (Weds 21st Dec) Will be the final and grand finale question which will be an accumulation of all the answers!

Answers may be words, letters or numbers… be smart – follow our clues to the T, browse back through our blog and on our site and get yourselves thinking about how you’ll spend 2 days mini-breaking in a top location!

So! On to the first clue.

On Thursday the 1st of December we told you about our gift to you which involves our fabulous Royalty Club* – take the total sum of the telephone number added together which you would call to get your double discount and divide it by the date (day only) that you have to have booked your apartments by. Then match the number you get to the alphabet ie – a = 1, b=2 and find the letter that is the today’s answer!

*Bookable with valid Royalty Club membership only. Discount applies to new bookings made by 06/01/2012 for stays until 31/01/2012, subject to availability. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. We reserve the right to amend or cancel any offers as appropriate without prior notice.