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The Roomzzz 12 Days of Christmas! Day 3

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We thought Tuesday was our record day for hits on the blog – but we stand corrected! Yesterday we had a phenomenal day a la Blog… So things are hotting up in the treasure hunt department!

Conundrum 3. We’re going all French on you – as it’s Day 3 – and 3 French Hens on the 12 days of Christmas!

Here’s what you have to do… Translate the wording below into English – and in the translation find the second letter in the 11th word – and that is your answer today!

C’est bientôt Noël alors n’oubliez pas de réserver un séjour merveilleux festive au Roomzzz Aparthotel pendant les vacances! Séjour dans Leeds ou Manchester et n’oubliez pas de joindre le Club Libre obtenir votre rabais double tout séjour en Janvier! Heureux de puzzle résoudre!

Leeds and Manchester are looking particularly festive – with amazing Christmas markets. Our guests are loving our luxury boutique accommodation where we offer the best bits of boutique hotels in Leeds and Manchester and mix them with your fav features from serviced apartments to make a wonderful Aparthotels in 2 of the best Cities in the North!

Friday Favourites on a Thursday….?

We have a new competition for you this week… well for next week really… we want to celebrate the Royal Wedding in style and we want you to join us… so how do you fancy spending Thursday 28th April on us? We have a number of rooms to give away for this very special pre-wedding eve!

You know what to do by now… simply tell us what you like about Roomzzz on our Facebook wall for Leeds and Manchester and we will choose our favourite to win a night on us! Well this week we’ve gone a step further. If you’d like to stay in Manchester TWO lucky winners will win a stay on the 28th April – so write on Manchester Roomzzz Facebook if you’d like to stay in Leeds on the same day then we have EIGHT rooms for grabs in our hotels there, so write on Leeds Roomzzz Facebook…. oh this really is a great competition and we look forward to welcoming all our winners into the fold!

We will announce and contact the lucky TEN on Friday this week so that you have time to pack! Keep the 28th clear and get ready to do your Royal Wedding preparation in luxurious Roomzzz style!

The Leeds Kitchen

It would be fair to say that we here at Roomzzz like our food and that here in Leeds we are more than spoilt for choice of amazing places to dine. This weekend sees the launch of another gastronomic delight… mixing fine dining with a slice of celebrity as James Martin – star of Saturday Kitchen – opens his new restaurant in the city.

The Leeds Kitchen, will be situated at the Alea Casino in Clarence Dock, is set to open to the public on Saturday 9 April 2011, and will provide a fine dining experience in stunning surroundings.

James as you may know is a devout Yorkshireman having recently had the honour of being made a Yorkshire Patron, James’ new venture has already contributed to the City of Leeds employment drive, with over 25 experienced chefs and front-of-house staff recruited in preparation for opening and all suppliers for the venture are also locally sourced.

Expressing his excitement, James Martin said: “I am delighted to be opening my new restaurant at Alea Casino, Leeds.

“It’s a stunning venue and has everything under one roof. What better way to put the icing on the cake – excuse the pun – by launching my new venture there!

“As I’m a born and bred Yorkshireman, I have been searching for the right location for some time and Alea and Clarence Dock have everything I am looking for. I can’t wait to open shortly, and deliver – along with my team – some of the best of British cooking Leeds has experienced.”

Quite frankly we can’t wait… we’ll be joining the first to sample the new restaurant and are practically drooling in anticipation!

Top Tips for April Fools…

If you’ve been tuning into our Facebook pages for Leeds and Manchester Roomzzz this week you will have noticed that we’re running a competition for you to win a night on us in Leeds City West this Friday the 1st April…. and what do you have to do to win this? Well simply share on Facebook your favourite April Fools prank… that’s it… all we ask… so to give you inspiration we have been trawling the internet:-

  • Find a box about the size of a cake. Then cover it with frosting, making it look like a cake. Then put it out in the office kitchen, or wherever people leave free food. Sit back as one of your co-workers tries to cut a slice.

  • This is the most classic and simple prank ever. Balance a small disposable cup of water on the top of a partially open door. Then wait for the splash!
  • Switch the “Pull” and “Push” signs on a set of doors. Watch as people get confused trying to open the doors.

  • Stick a post-it note under your friend’s mouse so that the paper leaf covers the mouse ball – the mouse will no longer work! Align so that the sticky part of the note doesn’t touch the ball. Costs next to nothing to do, and doesn’t cause any damage.

  • Glue eggs to the carton and beg for eggs in the morning. When the victim gets them the eggs break!

  • When your victim’s asleep sneak into their room and draw eyebrows and a moustache on their face, make sure to be their when they look in the mirror.

  • Use a pin to make a few small holes in a plastic disposable cup. Offer a drink to the victim and watch while the liquid dribbles out onto their shirt.
  • Wait until your victim is in the kitchen. Come in and start filling a bucket with water (tell them you’re washing the car or something). Only instead of actually filling the bucket, just pretend. Lift the bucket with both hands, acting like it’s heavy and filled with water. Take a couple of steps in the victim’s direction and suddenly “trip” and aim the bucket right toward them. They’ll duck thinking they’re getting splashed!

Remember these are merely suggestions (not instructions) – we simply want to get your creative juices flowing for our competition. Whatever you do on Friday this year to get a giggle out of your nearest and dearest make sure you share your past or favourites with us on Facebook and win a night’s stay in Leeds!

It’s Friday Favourites #2! Your Chance to Win!

You know that saying… ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’… – annoyingly true.

So generally a rule of thumb is if there is a competition you like the sound of – get entering it… as you never know… ‘it could be you’…to quote another well known saying.

So last week we pipe up with a little Friday treat… we named it imaginatively ‘Friday Favourites’. The gist is we say it’s Friday and as a treat for our fans and followers you get the chance to tell us what your fav things are about staying in our luxury aparthotel in Leeds and Manchester, post it on Facebook and wait till Wednesday of the following week to find out if you’ve only gone and won.

Won what? A Friday night stay on the house of course – in Leeds. Which offers a multitude of exciting weekend options… and plus you even get the chance to stay on the house Friday and you might even like to book an extra night on the Saturday with a nice discount (of course) we look after our winners and guests – and make it into a whole luxury weekender.

So do we have winners? Of course we do… AND we decided to have 3 winners not 1. Here are the winning comments…

At your Manchester hotel my favourite thing is the staff, in particular Paris – he’s lovely! Becky Colley

Its a home from home so chic and comfy and i always find on my trips to Manchester Roomzzz once i arrive i actually don’t want to even hit the streets of Manchester !!! Tracey Pearson

It is all the extra little touches that you have as standard. We loved our stay in Leeds, so central and were able to tell our friends about it, while we were still there, with the free internet, FANTASTIC!! Violet Conran

Thanks to all our winners… and the great news is Friday Favourites is open to enter again!!

So we ask you… Would you like to win a night on the house in our luxury boutique accommodation in Leeds? If YES – get yourselves onto our Facebook page and get telling us about your favourite things when you stay with us. The winner is announced on Weds 9th March and the stay is for Fri 11th.

Happy scribing Roomzzz fans!

PS – Don’t forget we’ve got your April hols all planned as well… Spring break? Sorted.

Hot Tips

Lets see what you could be getting up to in the fine Cities of Leeds and Manchester when you stay in our luxury boutique accommodation this weekend…

Leeds lovers – you are literally spoilt for choice for accommodation with Leeds City, Leeds City West and Leeds Headingley and you’re spoilt for choice with nice things to see and do…here are a few of our favs…

Friday 4thMarch.

Metropolis + Pigeonhole This! come together to present Toddla T + Doorly in March at the Faversham.

Saturday 5th March

Visit the new Henry Moore exhibition at The Leeds Art Gallery

Big Night Out Comedy Clubs present their 2hr comedy show featuring 4 world-class comedians at Tiger Tiger.

Manchester fans if we had a choice… we’d be staying in – in a luxury suite… but you might like to venture a little further afield!

Friday 4th March.

Fall in love all over again with Private Lives showing at The Royal Exchange theatre.

See a new exhibition at the Manchester Arts Gallery Exporting Beauty: Pilkington’s Pottery and Tiles.

Laugh out loud with Mick Ferry and Hal Cruttenden at The Comedy Store.

Saturday 5th March.

Ladies hold onto your hearts – Boyzone are in town!! (MEN Arena)

Happy Weekends!!