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The Roomzzz 12 Days of Christmas! Day 6…

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On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to meeee…..
…another clue…. towards a weekend of luxury at Roomzzzzz!
And six geese a laying of course!

Clue 6:

How many nights would you have to book to get the starting rate of £999?
divide this number by 2
Use the a = 1 b =2 c=3 rule and you have the next letter!
Five Gold Rings
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
AND A Partridge in a Pear Tree!
Double Discount January at Roomzzz… don’t forget we have hotels in Leeds and a hotel in Manchester!

50% off at Roomzzz….

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It’s time for our autumn one day 50% blue cross sale… join the Royalty Club by the 1st November and you will have exclusive access to this amazing offer!
From 8am – 8pm on the 9th November 2011 you can book any apartment, any location on any date* until the end of March 2012 with an amazing 50% discount!
And that’s not all… once you’re a member of the Royalty Club you can enjoy a minimum of a 10% discount! It’s even free to join… what’s not to love?

*subject to availability

Sunshine on a rainy day….

Well we’ve gone from one extreme to the other weather wise at the moment… will it ever stop raining? BUT we can’t complain here at Roomzzz, we had our fabulous Blue Cross Sale where over 1000 of our lovely guests will get to stay with us for as little as £29, and we’ve had a delightful comments via our Friday Favourites Competition – stay tuned for our next one by the way! So what’s next? Well we want to bring the sunshine to you and keep it coming so if you haven’t yet joined our Royalty Club - what’s stopping you? It’s completely free and you get instant discount from the minute you join…

So how does it work? You simply sign up – via a card in your room during your stay at Roomzzz or visit our website and fill out the form there… your card will then be posted out to you in a few days. Then on each visit at Roomzzz you’ll get a Silver card which means10% discount taken from your bill when you produce the card, until you hit 25 stays… then you’ll go to gold and a 15% discount each time you stay, until… you’ve visited us 75 times – you then get a platinum card which give you a whopping 20% discount each time you book a room at Roomzzz!

So to keep the sunshine you need to join the Royalty Club at Roomzzz...

Follow follow follow follow…..

No! Not the yellow brick road… follow us on Twitter @Roomzzz and Like us on Facebook for Leeds and Manchester

When you do this you will receive notice of our Friday Favourites competition which we run each week… yes every seven days we give away a stay in one of our super luxurious pads in Leeds absolutely free of charge to one of our fans… how good is that? And how straightforward… tomorrow we will simply pick our favourite new fan and they will be on their way to a night Leeds!

And another thing… why not join our club? When you sign up to Roomzzz Royalty Club you get instant discount – no collecting points… no… All new members will receive a Silver Card – this gives 10% discount there and then, from the moment you apply. Once you’ve stayed with us for 25 nights we will upgrade you to a Gold Card – this gives 15% discount and on reaching 75 nights in Roomzzz we’ll go for it again and give you a whopping 20% discount – now there’s no catch to this – all these membership discounts will be given on the best rate available so it really is a genuine offer!

Take advantage of us!

Here at Roomzzz Aparthotel we are more than aware that our guests are happy to visit us at the drop of a hat but we don’t take that for granted no no… we know that our prime locations in Leeds and across the Pennines in Manchester are more than enticing BUT we want to keep giving!

As you will probably have heard by now April has a number of long weekends for you to enjoy and where better than the luxury and comfort of Roomzzz? All you have to do is book a room at Roomzzz Aparthotel in either Leeds or Manchester between 1st April and 8th May 2011 and we will give you a night in a luxury aparthotel from £39 per night.

PS Don’t forget that we have an extra special offer running at Leeds City West – you can enjoy a weekend for the great price of £40 per night per apartment – we had such a phenomenal response that we’ve extended it until the end of March but you only have two weekends left to take us up on this so don’t be disappointed and give us a call now on 0844 499 4888.

How do you like yours?

Got to be traditional stylee… lemon and sugar without a shadow of a doubt – although we read somewhere this weekend a certain famous chef like his with melted mars bar sauce poured over roast bananas…(huh?)

There are others who fill theirs with fruit and others on a chocolate tip whose main goal in life is to empty a jar of Nutella (not the small size either)

Then is the question about how do you serve? Carefully rolled with the insides squeezing out or flat as the proverbial with a sprinkle of sugar?

We reckon if you’re a purist (lemon and sugar) or an indulgent exhibitionist (melted mars bars) you should know exactly what we’re on about here…

Lucky for you that if you’re in the vicinity of Leeds and Manchester over the next few days you too can be flipping pancakes with the best of them…Not only are our aparthotels boutique and beautiful they are also beautifully practical with designer kitchens especially perfect for whipping up a tasty treat. Who said that luxury hotel accommodation couldn’t give you everything your heart desires and more? Not us… we give you luxury to suit all pockets AND a place to make flippin perfect pancakes…

So that’s sorted. Just one more thing… just how do you like yours? Answers on our Facebook if you would be so kind!

It’s Friday Favourites #2! Your Chance to Win!

You know that saying… ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’… – annoyingly true.

So generally a rule of thumb is if there is a competition you like the sound of – get entering it… as you never know… ‘it could be you’…to quote another well known saying.

So last week we pipe up with a little Friday treat… we named it imaginatively ‘Friday Favourites’. The gist is we say it’s Friday and as a treat for our fans and followers you get the chance to tell us what your fav things are about staying in our luxury aparthotel in Leeds and Manchester, post it on Facebook and wait till Wednesday of the following week to find out if you’ve only gone and won.

Won what? A Friday night stay on the house of course – in Leeds. Which offers a multitude of exciting weekend options… and plus you even get the chance to stay on the house Friday and you might even like to book an extra night on the Saturday with a nice discount (of course) we look after our winners and guests – and make it into a whole luxury weekender.

So do we have winners? Of course we do… AND we decided to have 3 winners not 1. Here are the winning comments…

At your Manchester hotel my favourite thing is the staff, in particular Paris – he’s lovely! Becky Colley

Its a home from home so chic and comfy and i always find on my trips to Manchester Roomzzz once i arrive i actually don’t want to even hit the streets of Manchester !!! Tracey Pearson

It is all the extra little touches that you have as standard. We loved our stay in Leeds, so central and were able to tell our friends about it, while we were still there, with the free internet, FANTASTIC!! Violet Conran

Thanks to all our winners… and the great news is Friday Favourites is open to enter again!!

So we ask you… Would you like to win a night on the house in our luxury boutique accommodation in Leeds? If YES – get yourselves onto our Facebook page and get telling us about your favourite things when you stay with us. The winner is announced on Weds 9th March and the stay is for Fri 11th.

Happy scribing Roomzzz fans!

PS – Don’t forget we’ve got your April hols all planned as well… Spring break? Sorted.

Happy April Holidays Everyone!

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April… what are we thinking… showers, the fresh aroma of Spring in the air, green shoots, blossom on the branches, Summer just around the corner… a small matter of a Royal Wedding… we figure the best way to get a smile on your face this grey Monday morning is to give you a treat in the making – holidays of course!!

During April and into May (1st April – 8th May) we are focussing on getting that smile to be a perma-grin for a whole 38 days. So here’s the great news…Our prices are starting from £39 per apartment.

How’s that for cheery news?

Let us tell you exactly what it means… to clear up any doubts.

  1. Stay at Roomzzz Aparthotel in either Leeds or Manchester between 1st April and 8th May 2011.

  2. We will give you a night in a luxury aparthotel from £39 per night

Simple. As they say on the telly.

We recommend getting booked in as quick as a flash… you know how those April showers come and go… quick as a flash… and then gone again… we predict an immediate sell out… Happy Holidays!

Easy to book… just jump on here…

PS. Want to see a bigger umbrella? Click on it for full size!

PPS. Want to find out more? Check out our Facebook page!