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Follow the clues and claim the prize!

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It’s time for the start of our Treasure Hunt… follow the clues, reveal the answers… solve the puzzle and win the prize… this week it’s a night in our fabulous city centre hotel in Leeds!
How many acres does Yorkshire Sculpture Park cover?
Divided by /
The amount of discount our Royalty Club Members get when they join as Silver Members?
Plus +
The numerical month Sunsetcat reviewed our Leeds Hotel? (Jan = 1, Feb = 2, Mar = 3)
Times x
The number of times the name Roomzzz is mentioned in tomorrow’s (Friday) blog…
So… you have to wait until tomorrow… read our blog… then simply post your answer on our Facebook pages for Leeds or Manchester before 3pm tomorrow, with the words “I am a Roomzzz Treasure Hunter and my answer is…” Simple… we’ll then pick our winner to spend a night of luxury in Leeds City Centre @Roomzzz!

The Roomzzz 12 Days of Christmas! Day 6…

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On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to meeee…..
…another clue…. towards a weekend of luxury at Roomzzzzz!
And six geese a laying of course!

Clue 6:

How many nights would you have to book to get the starting rate of £999?
divide this number by 2
Use the a = 1 b =2 c=3 rule and you have the next letter!
Five Gold Rings
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
AND A Partridge in a Pear Tree!
Double Discount January at Roomzzz… don’t forget we have hotels in Leeds and a hotel in Manchester!

The Roomzzz 12 Days of Christmas! Day 2

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Day 2! Well yesterday we had record number of views on the blog – so we’re thinking our festive treasure hunt is tickling your fancy!

We’re thinking whilst the heady glow of Christmas action at work and play is taking over life you are all still looking for the best deals and best accommodation in Leeds and Manchester. As our loyal Roomzzz fans know we offer top luxury accommodation that is second to none as well as the best deals on price so we thought today the answer to our conundrum would be found within one of our rather excellent reviews from Trip Advisor!

So cast your eyes back to our blog post on the 5th December….they had a fabulous stay in our Manchester City location and delved into the delights of the Christmas markets and Chinatown… They also gave a very through review of what was available in the apartment (we love it when guests do that!)

Add the number of the days she had booked for her boyfriend’s birthday to the number of showerheads in the Smart Studio. And you’ll find your answer… Like yesterday you have to then match the number to it’s matching letter of the alphabet (1=a, 2=b etc…) and voila there is your answer…!

Happy counting! It’s all about the letters at the moment – but that’s not to say the whole of the treasure hunt is about letters! Keep very posted for more!

Whilst you’re feeling festive and looking at nice things online… If you haven’t already get yourself registered to our Royalty Club for a fabulous Double Discount! If you’re already a member – well you’re one step ahead already and just need to make your booking by the 6th of Jan 2012.

Get Royalty Club membership to get a Double Discount throughout the month of January… all you have to do is join our club and you can claim this discount! Already a member? go online to and make your booking or call 0844 499 4888.

So what’s the catch?* Well there really isn’t one – you just have to have made your booking by 6th January!

Why not treat a friend or family member to a stay in central Leeds? Or just treat yourself to a night in one of our apartments in Manchester?
*Bookable with valid Royalty Club membership only. Discount applies to new bookings made by 06/01/2012 for stays until 31/01/2012, subject to availability. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. We reserve the right to amend or cancel any offers as appropriate without prior notice.

Sunshine on a rainy day….

Well we’ve gone from one extreme to the other weather wise at the moment… will it ever stop raining? BUT we can’t complain here at Roomzzz, we had our fabulous Blue Cross Sale where over 1000 of our lovely guests will get to stay with us for as little as £29, and we’ve had a delightful comments via our Friday Favourites Competition – stay tuned for our next one by the way! So what’s next? Well we want to bring the sunshine to you and keep it coming so if you haven’t yet joined our Royalty Club - what’s stopping you? It’s completely free and you get instant discount from the minute you join…

So how does it work? You simply sign up – via a card in your room during your stay at Roomzzz or visit our website and fill out the form there… your card will then be posted out to you in a few days. Then on each visit at Roomzzz you’ll get a Silver card which means10% discount taken from your bill when you produce the card, until you hit 25 stays… then you’ll go to gold and a 15% discount each time you stay, until… you’ve visited us 75 times – you then get a platinum card which give you a whopping 20% discount each time you book a room at Roomzzz!

So to keep the sunshine you need to join the Royalty Club at Roomzzz...

Follow follow follow follow…..

No! Not the yellow brick road… follow us on Twitter @Roomzzz and Like us on Facebook for Leeds and Manchester

When you do this you will receive notice of our Friday Favourites competition which we run each week… yes every seven days we give away a stay in one of our super luxurious pads in Leeds absolutely free of charge to one of our fans… how good is that? And how straightforward… tomorrow we will simply pick our favourite new fan and they will be on their way to a night Leeds!

And another thing… why not join our club? When you sign up to Roomzzz Royalty Club you get instant discount – no collecting points… no… All new members will receive a Silver Card – this gives 10% discount there and then, from the moment you apply. Once you’ve stayed with us for 25 nights we will upgrade you to a Gold Card – this gives 15% discount and on reaching 75 nights in Roomzzz we’ll go for it again and give you a whopping 20% discount – now there’s no catch to this – all these membership discounts will be given on the best rate available so it really is a genuine offer!

39 Reasons to Stay at Roomzzz Aparthotel. Part 2

There are a multitude of reasons to stay at Roomzzz Aparthotel if you’re in Leeds or Manchester. We’ve already chatted about our our fav things in Part 1 and our winners of our minincomp ‘Friday Favourites’ highlighted some of your favourite things… but as we get closer to the month of ‘Happy April Holidays’ (stay at Roomzzz through April from £39) we thought it a good idea to get part 2 of our countdown underway and run through some more of our fav things… to total 39 of course. (a little celebration for making April a little less showery and a lot more flowery

12. All of our luxury hotel accommodation in Leeds and Manchester has free broadband internet

13. When you stay with us don’t worry about your mobile – all your local and national calls are free

14. All of our sites have a 24hr concierge just like a luxury hotel

15. Just like a luxury hotel we have an excellent housekeeping service

16. You can stay for 1 night or as long as you like in either Leeds or Manchester.

17. We have excellent disabled access if you need it.

18. Some say that aparthotels are 100% better than staying in a luxury hotel (!)

19. We have an well stocked pantry in reception for all forgotten items

20. We can work out car parking close by for you in central Leeds and Manchester

21. Breakfast is on the house… tasty pastries and tea and coffee

22. We can arrange early check in or a late check out – or both!

So keep your eyes peeled for Part 3 and in the meantime – get yourselves onto the Roomzzz Facebook page and get telling us about your fav things… you never know… you could be staying next Friday on the house in Leeds!

The Mid Week Catch Up! Racing Towards the Weekend!

Wait… wasn’t it just the weekend? And now it’s mid week? Time for another weekend then!!

Another busy week since our last Mid Week Catch Up – Roomzzz HQ have been caught up in a frenzy of Springtime activities and making the aparthotels even more irresistible to our fans! We read a comment on a forum that ladies especially love Roomzzz… I think it’s on account of us having amazing suites and nice baths with TVs. (well you would wouldn’t you?)

Well enough of the indulgence…and we know it’s a good while off yet – but we’re thinking about The Bupa Great Run. It’s on Sunday 15th May and is hosted in Manchester City Centre. It attracts 38,000 runners and is hailed as the nation’s favourite running event. It’s even televised live on BBC.

Roomzzz is the perfect luxury hotel to have an amazing nights sleep before the big day – and is equally amazing to be welcomed back after pounding the streets to a luxury apartment some of which feature the afore mentioned TV bath viewing experience. And relax….

Thinking of this weekend – there is still time to get your Friday Favourites comments on the Roomzzz Facebook – to get yourselves a night on the house with us this Friday and it’s good to have in the back of your mind your April get-away to either Leeds or Manchester to stay in sublime luxury accommodation in the City Centres of our great Northern Cities for just £39.00.

Better get your running shoes dusted off then…Roomzzz are going fast…

What to buy for £39.00…

Don’t you find sometimes that even a trip to the supermarket for a few bits can suddenly turn into a £40 shop when all you needed was a pint of milk and some bread.

Which leads us to think about what can you actually purchase for £39 that is really any good? You know – something that really gives you the feeling of value and satisfaction.

For those thrifty shoppers amongst us we know that hitting the vintage shops and fairs can always be a feel good spend…as least we know clothes won’t disintegrate in the first wash.

But what else is feeeeel real good?… Shoes? Dinner? A Facial?

You know where we are going with this of course… as we know that for the fine price of £39 during April and into May (1st April – 8th May) you can stay at a Roomzzz Aparthotel – luxury hotel accommodation in Leeds and Manchester for a minuscule sum. If you had your ear to the ground yesterday you would have heard the buzz about our ‘Happy April Holidays’

We’re talking real luxury here which will lead to a fabulous sense of feel good satisfaction and maybe a bit of smugness as well.

So that’s our thought of the day…Value. For what is promising to be a dare we say it sunny day? Get your thinking caps on!

Comments on what you have found for £39 recently posted on our Facebook page please!! And don’t forget to book!