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Blog Archive for March, 2011

Hot Tips

Lets see what you could be getting up to in the fine Cities of Leeds and Manchester when you stay in our luxury boutique accommodation this weekend…

Leeds lovers – you are literally spoilt for choice for accommodation with Leeds City, Leeds City West and Leeds Headingley and you’re spoilt for choice with nice things to see and do…here are a few of our favs…

Friday 4thMarch.

Metropolis + Pigeonhole This! come together to present Toddla T + Doorly in March at the Faversham.

Saturday 5th March

Visit the new Henry Moore exhibition at The Leeds Art Gallery

Big Night Out Comedy Clubs present their 2hr comedy show featuring 4 world-class comedians at Tiger Tiger.

Manchester fans if we had a choice… we’d be staying in – in a luxury suite… but you might like to venture a little further afield!

Friday 4th March.

Fall in love all over again with Private Lives showing at The Royal Exchange theatre.

See a new exhibition at the Manchester Arts Gallery Exporting Beauty: Pilkington’s Pottery and Tiles.

Laugh out loud with Mick Ferry and Hal Cruttenden at The Comedy Store.

Saturday 5th March.

Ladies hold onto your hearts – Boyzone are in town!! (MEN Arena)

Happy Weekends!!

Midweek Catch Up

What a week so far!

The competition is hotting up for our Friday Favourites… Last week we announced that because we like Fridays… and because we know that you all love spending time in luxury hotels in Manchester and Leeds – namely Roomzzz Aparthotel we decided to give you the chance to tell us what exactly what are you favourites things about staying in the City central, luxury and boutique comfort of Roomzzz. Well – what can we say… it’s official! You’re in love with Roomzzz!! But we don’t get to reveal the winner till tomorrow – this is a catch up after all… and a quick reminder that there is still time to get onto Roomzzz Facebook and get writing – you’ve got until 4pm today – then we’ll tell you our winner on Thursday! Clear your weekend of all plans – as the stay in question is on Friday 4th!

Just when you thought that Friday favourites was the best thing ever… we then drop it on you that through from 1st April – 8th May you can get to stay in Roomzzz in either Manchester or Leeds from £39… What is that all about? Well we’ll tell you. The nice people here at Roomzzz HQ have come over all celebratory feeling and have decided that Roomzzz fans could do with a treat to get you over the brink of Winter and into the pleasures of Spring/Summer season… Happy April Holidays everyone!

Tomorrow we’ll be telling you what you can get up to when you stay with us this weekend… our lucky winner of Friday Favourites pay attention – you could be living it up on the Leeds scene before you know it!

For more on both our treats and to join in the comp… gotta be in it to win it! Have a peek on FB and give us your thumbs up!

All for now…

What to buy for £39.00…

Don’t you find sometimes that even a trip to the supermarket for a few bits can suddenly turn into a £40 shop when all you needed was a pint of milk and some bread.

Which leads us to think about what can you actually purchase for £39 that is really any good? You know – something that really gives you the feeling of value and satisfaction.

For those thrifty shoppers amongst us we know that hitting the vintage shops and fairs can always be a feel good spend…as least we know clothes won’t disintegrate in the first wash.

But what else is feeeeel real good?… Shoes? Dinner? A Facial?

You know where we are going with this of course… as we know that for the fine price of £39 during April and into May (1st April – 8th May) you can stay at a Roomzzz Aparthotel – luxury hotel accommodation in Leeds and Manchester for a minuscule sum. If you had your ear to the ground yesterday you would have heard the buzz about our ‘Happy April Holidays’

We’re talking real luxury here which will lead to a fabulous sense of feel good satisfaction and maybe a bit of smugness as well.

So that’s our thought of the day…Value. For what is promising to be a dare we say it sunny day? Get your thinking caps on!

Comments on what you have found for £39 recently posted on our Facebook page please!! And don’t forget to book!